Vocal Music

Our vocal music curriculum caters to both the aspiring and the accomplished student musician.  Driven by a focus on individual strengths, we offer a variety of opportunities to hone one’s skills and knowledge:

Vocal Technique & Theory
Students work in both ensemble and one-on-one settings to identify their vocal type, range, and stylistic strengths. Master classes with professional musicians are also offered both on and off-site.

 Music  History
Students receive a wide range of historical knowledge ranging from the works of the Baroque period through modern movements.  Students also study the importance of social and historical events on musical trends.

All vocal music students study piano as a way to broaden their sight reading and music  theory skills.  Piano training allows the student to become a well-rounded musician and makes them a more attractive candidate to colleges and conservatories throughout the country.

Clifford Smith (Vocal Music)

​Email: csmith26@mckinneyssa.com


Audition requirements:

Audition Requirements are centralized through the DOE- please submit through your MySchools account.

For audition information, SEE BELOW or click the link below.


Watch this video to help you prepare for a vocal music audition.

Prepare a video recording that includes ALL parts listed below. Students of all abilities and experience levels are encouraged to apply. 

Before singing, briefly introduce yourself. 

Please provide the following information:

Perform ONE prepared solo selection without accompaniment. Singing without accompaniment means singing by yourself without a track or pianist. Select a song you feel confident performing that shows your skill level and musicality.