The philosophy of a Spanish teacher is to be a fosterer of inquiry, a facilitator of dialogue, and an instigator of independent thinking in order to eliminate biases and conflicts that inundate society and create a cultured student who will usher in a better tomorrow.

Our Curriculum:

Spanish I/II: Language and Communication

The course is an introductory course in which students acquire language through authentic discourse and accountable talk. Students will become proficient in basic vocabulary and conjugation skills. In Spanish I/II, students work collaboratively to ensure communicative fluency. The course stresses student participation in oral presentations and class work with partners. Spanish I/II teaches Spanish and Latin American music, art, literature, cuisine, and history these aspects while focusing on communicative fluency and basic reading and writing skills within the Spanish language.

Spanish III/IV: Communication and Composition

The course is a second and third year course with emphasis on conversation, writing composition and language. In this course students will increase their vocabulary and conversational abilities by focusing on written and oral communication. The course terminates with the New York State Regents Exam in Spanish.

Spanish V/VI: Conversation and Literacy

The course is a third year course with emphasis on conversation and language fluency. The course focuses on literacy meaning the abilities to read and write in Spanish. Students will improve upon their own speaking skills and master composition abilities. The course prepares students for enrollment in the Advanced Placement Spanish Language course.

Advanced Placement Spanish: Language

The course is conducted almost exclusively in Spanish and is designed to enhance students’ communication and composition skills through the use of Spanish in writing, reading, listening and speaking. Students perform intensive grammar reviews and apply their knowledge to written assignments and reports on the current state of Latin America and Spain.

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