About McKinney

Who we are

Our outstanding school is dedicated to providing our students with a rigorous arts education that will enable them to reach their academic and creative goals. 

Our diverse staff of professionals distinguishes our school with a continually growing body of education, experience, diversity, and dedication. Our teachers work independently and in teams to provide holistic, rigorous learning experiences across the disciplines. 

What we do

McKinney Secondary School of the Arts focuses on a comprehensive education for each student  driven by data to identify each individual’s strengths and challenges in the classroom.  We provide students with a diverse, holistic arts education, honing their artistic skills, while simultaneously engaging them in academically demanding math, science, social studies, ELA and LOTE programs. 

We take pride in our well-rounded graduates that are ready and capable of pursuing professional or further academic endeavors.

How we do it

We view each of our students as unique individuals, each with talents and skills. With data driven instruction we offer a wide variety of tools to enable and ensure that students receive the highest quality education. A participant in the Arts Achieve Grant, a prestigious four-year study of arts education practice, and the highly-publicized Bill & Melinda Gates MET program, our school strives to continually improve the day to day experiences of our dedicated student body through innovation, collaboration, and ingenuity—both in the classroom and on the stage.

Where we are

Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts is nestled in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, just steps from the historic Brooklyn Navy Yards and scenic Fort Greene Park.