Faculty/ Staff


Edgar Lin (Principal)

Email: elin@mckinneyssa.com

Nicole Sledge

(Assistant Principal, Upper Grades ICT , Software Engineering, Computer Science)

Email: nsledge@mckinneyssa.com

Patricia Edwards (Dean, IB Coordinator)

Email: pedwards3@mckinneyssa.com


Debra Phillips (School Psychologist)

Email: dphillips3@mckinneyssa.com

Lynda Saint-Val (Middle/Upper Grades Guidance Counselor)

Email: lsaintval@mckinneyssa.com

Donna Sealy-Brown (Upper Grades Guidance Counselor)

Email: dsealybrown@mckinneyssa.com

Special Education Department

Tamara D'Angelo (D75 Site Supervisor)

Email: tdangelo@mckinneyssa.com

Carolyn Jack (Upper Grades ICT)

​Email: cjack3@mckinneyssa.com

Kenya Mabry (Middle Grades ICT Teacher, Humanities)

​Email: kmabry@mckinneyssa.com

Najuma Russell (Middle/ Upper Grades ICT, Department Chair)

Email: nrussell@mckinneyssa.com

Porschia Stokes (Middle Grades ICT)

Email: pstokes@mckinneyssa.com

David Zaretsky (Middle Grades ICT, Math)

Email: dzaretsky@mckinneyssa.com

Susana Zaurova (Speech Therapist)

Email: szaurov@mckinneyssa.com

ELA Department

Maria Acedo (Upper Grades English, College and Career Readiness)

Email: macedo@mckinneyssa.com

Alphonso Dance Jr (Upper Grades English, AP Literature, Department Chair) 

Email: adance2@mckinneyssa.com

Raquel Duenas (Middle Grades Humanities)

​Email: rduenas@mckinneyssa.com

Althea Hester (Upper Grades English)/Advanced Placement Coordinator

​Email: afaithhester@mckinneyssa.com

Kenya Mabry (Middle Grades ICT Teacher, Humanities)

​Email: kmabry@mckinneyssa.com

Nordia Reynolds-Roye (Middle Grades Humanities)

Email: nreynol@mckinneyssa.com

Math Department

Antonio Carrion (Middle Grades Computer Science, Pre Algebra)

Email: acarrion3@mckinneyssa.com

Lynden Nelson (Upper Grades Math, Department Chair)

Email: lnelson@mckinneyssa.com

​Jacqueline Stephens (Upper Grades Math)

Email: jstephens@mckinneyssa.com

Zarina Sylvester (Middle/ Upper Grades Math)

Email: ZSylvester2@mckinneyssa.com

David Zaretsky (Middle Grades ICT, Math)

Email: dzaretsky@mckinneyssa.com

Science Department

Mohamed Farouk (Middle Grades Science)

Email: mfarouk@mckinneyssa.com

​Collin Marcus(Upper Grades Science, Department Chair)

Email: cmarcus@mckinneyssa.com

Social Studies Department

Raquel Duenas (Middle Grades Humanities)

​Email: rduenas@mckinneyssa.com

Nordia Reynolds-Roye (Middle Grades Humanities)

Email: nreynol@mckinneyssa.com

Percy Stephen (Upper Grades Social Studies)

Email: pstephen@mckinneyssa.com

LOTE Department

Sandra Bolton (Upper Grades Spanish)

Email: sbolton@mckinneyssa.com

Visual and Performing Arts Department

Eleanor Chung (Visual Arts)

Email: EChung@mckinneyssa.com

Zakiya Harris (Dance, Department Chair)

Email: Zharris@mckinneyssa.com

Wil Hylton (Instrumental Music)

Email: whylton@mckinneyssa.com

Sarah Lilly (Theater)

Email: slilly@mckinneyssa.com

Clifford Smith (Vocal Music, Athletic Director)

​Email: csmith26@mckinneyssa.com

Physical Education Department

Fady Musa (Physical Education)

Email: fmusa@mckinneyssa.com

Paraprofessionals/ Teaching Assistant

Wendy Allen (D75)

Email: wallen@mckinneyssa.com

Akilah Edmund

Email: aedmund@mckinneyssa.com

Lambrina Gournelos (D75)

Email: lgournelos@mckinneyssa.com

Krystle Graham (D75)

Email: kgraham6@mckinneyssa.com

Yamilee Jeanty (D75)

Email: yjeanty@mckinneyssa.com

Charles Jones

Email: cjones21@mckinneyssa.com

Anthony Leone (D75)

Email: aleone10@mckinneyssa.com

Kimberly McLean (D75)

Email: kmclean6@mckinneyssa.com

Abiodun Oshikoya (D75)

Email: aoshikoya@mckinneyssa.com

Larrissa Paul (D75)

Email: lpaul6@mckinneyssa.com

Beres Simmons (D75)

Email: bsimmons@mckinneyssa.com

Fiwasaye Smith (D75)

Email: fsmith@mckinneyssa.com

Alicia Waithe (D75)

Email: awaithe@mckinneyssa.com

Danielle Wallace (D75)

Email: dwallace8@mckinneyssa.com

Georgians West (D75)

Email: gw4@mckinneyssa.com

Parent Coordinator

Carmen Lambright Vargas

Email: cvargas2@mckinneyssa.com

School Secretary/ Payroll

Donna Montalvo

Email: dmontal@mckinneyssa.com

Barbie Falero (Administrative Aide)

Email: bfalero2@mckinneyssa.com