Welcome to Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts

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Team McKinneySSA Updates


We're here!! The 2021-22 School Year!!

What's important??!!

  • School begins for ALL students on @ 8 AM!! Dismissal @ 2:20!! Be Organized, be on time!!

  • Masking required at ALL times!! 3ft social distancing expected!!

  • Turn in your Laptop Loan Agreement? Make sure you have your laptop EVERYDAY!!

  • Uniforms? Not here. Dress like a Royal! Be YOU! Be PROUD!!


Haven't Heard From Us???

It might be because we don't have your contact info!!

f you haven't heard from us, please complete the form below!

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9.27.2021; 10.18.2021; 11.15.2021; 12:20.2021; 1.17.2022; 2.14.2022; 3.21.2022; 4.11.2022; 5.16.2022; 6.13.2022