Middle Grades Mathematics

A rich middle grade experience provides the student an excellent foundation upon which he or she could build in the 9th grade and beyond.

Grade 6

Each student is provided with the support needed to transition from elementary to Junior High school. In numeration student must be able to understand the concepts of fractions, decimals and percentages. Ratios and proportions form an integral part of the syllabus. In algebra student is taught to master single step equations and to find the unit rate of given items. In geometry the student is taught how to pinpoint locations on a given coordinate plane. Students are also allowed to develop an understanding of angles and rays as well as to solve problems involving two dimensional figures.

Grade 7

Each student must master two step equations. The student must also be able to read and write large and small numbers using scientific notation. In the same grade students are offered a variety of problems in which concept of squares and square roots are introduced. Data creation and interpretation provide a greater understanding of the use of statistics to solve problems in everyday experiences.

Grade 8

Each student is again immersed in percentages as is applicable to sales, sales taxes and other real life situations. The graphing of lines and the calculation of the slope and equation of lines form part of the syllabus of coordinate geometry. Students must be able to add, subtract, and multiply polynomials.

Upper Grades Mathematics

Upper Grade students continue their studies to meet all NY graduation requirements in the following areas:

Algebra I

This high school graduation requirement course serves as the gateway for advanced mathematical courses by providing a complete foundation of the topics in

elementary algebra and data analysis. The core instructional objectives are defined by NYC High School Core Learning Goals 1 and 3. Learning objectives extend to include quadratic and exponential functions. Instructional emphasis is placed on analyzing patterns and functions, modeling real-life situations,collecting, organizing and analyzing data, and using data to make predictions.

Students are required to pass the McKinney High School Assessment for Algebra/Data Analysis at the completion of this course. Graphing calculator required. Students will take the Regents examination in Algebra 1.


This high school graduation requirement course serves as the second in the series of advanced mathematical courses by providing a complete foundation of the geometry topics. The core instructional objectives are defined by the NYC High School Core Learning Goal 2. Students will represent problem situations with geometric models, classify figures in terms of congruence and similarity, and deduce properties of and relationships between figures from given assumptions.

Graphing calculator recommended.

Prerequisite: Algebra I credit

Algebra II

This course will expand student's knowledge of functions to include exponential, logarithmic and power functions by examining real-world problems. Students will

gain an understanding of the characteristics and transformation of functions.

Graphing calculator required.

Prerequisites: Recommended Geometry credit or Concurrent enrollment in Geometry and Algebra I (“C”or better)


AP Calculus (AB Level)

This college level course is the study of differential and integral calculus based on further development of properties and graphs of relations and functions. Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared for the AP Calculus AB test and may be awarded up to one semester of college credit with a successful score.

Graphing Calculator required.

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