Remote Learning expectations

1. We would like for you to have your Camera on during instruction.

2. Your mic muted during instruction.

3. Enter responses or work in appropriate places as directed.

4. Speak from a place of RESPECT.

5. Active and Positive Participation.

6. Be patient with yourself and others.

Student Responsibilities

Students must:

  • Follow all school and class rules for technology and the same guidelines for respectful, responsible behavior online that students are expected to follow offline.

  • Collaborate in positive ways that help you learn.

  • Use technology to support an inclusive school community.

  • Be cautious to protect the safety of the student and others.

  • Alert a teacher or other staff member if students see threatening, inappropriate, or harmful content (images, messages, posts) online.

  • Email

  • or call Respect for All at 212-374-2350 for support on keeping a respectful online community.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Support students through regular communication via Google Classroom.

  • Only share Google Classroom codes to students and families in your class

  • Send invitations to Zoom meetings to students in your classes.

Please also see: NYC DOE Digital Citizenship guidelines