Instrumental Music

Our Instrumental Music curriculum caters to both the aspiring and the accomplished student musician. Driven by a focus on individual strengths, we offer a variety of opportunities to hone one’s skills and knowledge:

Concert Band + Jazz Band

Our Concert Band and Jazz Band provides instrumental music majors with a chance to study the greats of traditional and contemporary classical and jazz while perfecting their musical theory and performance skills.


Superior Sound Marching Band + Drum Line

Open to all interested students in the school, our marching band combines studies of traditional marching cadences with southern marching styles. With a repertory ranging from Stevie Wonder to Frankie Beverly & Maze, we have performed throughout the city and in numerous university settings.


Partnerships with:

Empire Marching Band, Northern Showstyle Coalition, Brooklyn United, Monclair African American Heritage Foundation, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, Long Island University Athletic Department, Exploring the Arts

Wil Hylton (Instrumental Music)


Audition requirements:

Audition Requirements are centralized through the DOE- please submit through your MySchools account.

For audition information, SEE BELOW or click the link below.

See this folder to help you prepare for your music auditions.


Prepare and submit BOTH videos specified below. Students of all abilities and experience levels are encouraged to apply.

Video 1

Perform ONE prepared solo selection without accompaniment. Playing without accompaniment means playing by yourself without a track or additional instruments.

  • Select a piece you feel confident performing that shows your skill level and musicality.

  • Your face, hands, and whole instrument should be clearly visible, including the full keyboard for pianists.

  • If your instrument has a pedal, your feet should be visible.

Before playing, briefly introduce yourself, and provide the following information:

    • Your name

    • Your Student ID number (OSIS number)

    • Title of the piece you will be playing

    • Why did you choose this piece? How does this piece speak to you as a musician? (30 seconds or less)

Video 2

Perform ONE scale of your choice at a tempo (speed) you find comfortable. For Video #2, drummers (i.e., candidates who play non-pitched percussion instruments) submit a video of TWO rudiments, rather than scales.

This is another opportunity for reviewers to learn more about how:

    • low and how high you can play.

    • comfortably and quickly you can move from note to note.

    • clean and precise your playing is.

    • well you are able to play in tune.

    • well you know what notes make up your selected scale.

    • playing the correct notes is most important.

Before playing, briefly introduce yourself, and provide the following information:

    • Your name

    • Your Student ID number (OSIS number)

    • The name of the scales or rudiments you will be playing.

For help preparing a scale or if you do not know what a scale is, please see the Resources for Audition Preparations